What is the difference between alcohol cotton swabs and iodophor cotton swabs
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Firstly, the difference between them is their composition. The alcohol swab contains 75% alcohol disinfectant, while the iodophor swab contains iodophor disinfectant. The different components naturally determine the different sensations they experience when used. Due to the stimulation of alcohol disinfectant on wounds, there may be slight pain when using alcohol swabs; On the contrary, iodophor disinfectant is non irritating and has no sensation when used.

They all have the function of sterilization and disinfection, and are individually packaged, making them more convenient to carry. Compared with the alcohol swab and Haines iodine iodine disinfectant, both of them use high-quality degreased cotton for the cotton head, which is not easy to fall off and is not easy to fall off; The cotton swab is made of flexible material, which is durable and not easily broken; The important point is that their usage method is the same, they can be used by folding and breaking. It is particularly important to note that alcohol cotton swabs and iodophor cotton swabs are disposable products and cannot be reused. In addition, the alcohol disinfectant contained in the alcohol swab is flammable and should be kept away from ignition sources during use and storage.