Analysis on the Usage of Sticky Dust Drum
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The base material of the sticky dust drum is polyethylene film, designed as a drum shape. There are pre cut lines on the sticky dust film, and the edge of the drum is peeled for easy peeling; The colloid is a polyacrylic resin adhesive, ensuring no degumming and convenient to use with the handle; Adopting PE pipe core, clean and pollution-free, maintaining the drum without deformation; It can effectively remove dust while avoiding secondary pollution caused by traditional tools such as dishcloth, water washing, and broom to the product and purification workshop.

The dust roller is suitable for surface cleaning and cleaning of circuit boards, PCBs, LCDs, light guides, electronic semiconductors, precision printing of soft films, and other surfaces such as glass panels, pressed steel plates, workbenches, etc. It is used with a dust roller and can easily remove various dust particles. It is efficient and labor-saving, and can be used in dust-free workshops of 1000 and 10000 levels. Silicone can be modulated into various hardness and viscosity, without damaging the surface of the working object. Below, the editor will take you to learn how to use a dust roller.


(1) When in use, as long as you roll on the surface of the object that needs to be cleaned like painting a wall, you can quickly remove small particles, impurities, fibers, dust, etc. from the surface of various electronic products, thereby improving the quality and yield of electronic products. In the production process, matching the use of dust paper can ensure the self-adhesiveness of the rubber wheel and extend its service life.


(2) The dust wheel composed of a dust tape and a PE cylinder core is uniformly rolled onto the PE cylinder core by an adhesive coating, with a pre cut line every fixed length for easy replacement during use; If the drum becomes dirty and cannot adsorb any more dirt, simply tear off the outer contaminated layer along the pre cut line.