EMP's new plant in Dongguan was successfully relocated and put into operation.
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On December 15, 2018, the new factory in Dongguan was successfully relocated and put into production! This relocation is both a difficult and meticulous work, 

first of all, we have to carry out proper dismantling and scientific decomposition of the equipment, in order to ensure the intactness of the equipment, we have 

to carry out protective dismantling of the equipment. For this reason, we also specially formulated a special operation plan to ensure the safety of personnel and 

the intactness of equipment. The company's leaders have been to the site several times to supervise and give specific instructions, requiring us to put safety in 

the first place.

Jiangsu Impeccable new factory in Dongguan this big relocation work, human resources and administrative department in the personnel deployment, logistical 

support supply and defense work have done a lot of work to ensure that the relocation of the company's property safety in the very period; production department 

in the relocation of the most tense moments of the work, although the production task is tighter, but still pull out part of the production workers to assist in the 

relocation, greatly improving the progress of the relocation; Marketing Department In the completion of production and sales of logistics tasks, make time to actively 

participate in the relocation work, overtime, hard work; in this special case, a serious shortage of full-time drivers, our company holds a driver's license, in the 

company's difficulties, the courage to show their hands, temporarily join the ranks of the driver to solve the company's urgent need to improve the use of the vehicle, 

but also greatly improve the progress of the transport In the case of special tools and goods urgently needed in the relocation work, the Purchasing Department 

carried forward the work style of thunder and lightning, and purchased back the needed goods in time, which won valuable time for the relocation work.

It is because of the full cooperation of all departments and a high sense of teamwork, we are all united and have completed the relocation task after unremitting efforts.

With their practical actions, EMP people once again created a miracle of factory relocation with EMPCO's speed and unity style. Jiangsu Impeccable will continue to 

win and prosper with our customers, and the new factory will create new glory.