EMP is certified in "Multi-System Management".
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        Recently, our company successfully passed the ISO14001 environmental management system, 9001 quality management system, 45001 occupational health and

 safety management system, ISO13845 medical device quality management system certification, and on November 4, 2019, passed the third-party certification 

of intellectual property management system (IPMS). It marks that our company's operation and quality management work and intellectual property management 

have stepped up to a new level, which provides a strong support for improving enterprise management and customer service level.

        The success of the company in passing the above certification is a high degree of affirmation of the company's quality management system and environmental 

system management work, and is also the result of the joint efforts of all staff. In the future, the company will strictly follow the requirements of quality management 

system and environmental management system certification, and constantly improve and optimize the company's work. Deeply implement the guidelines of quality 

management and environmental management, strengthen the awareness of the company's employees and prevent accidents. And focus on the supervision and 

inspection efforts of the system documents, to maintain the vitality of the enterprise, to establish a new, dynamic corporate image, to meet new challenges with a 

new concept and the spirit of practical work!

        Possessing technological advantages in the industry is the core competitiveness of EMP's market, and it is one of the business objectives of the enterprise to improve

 the new ability of technological innovation and consolidate intellectual property rights. As an enterprise with superiority in intellectual property rights, our company pays 

attention to the management of intellectual property rights, and actively implements the national standard of intellectual property rights management in China, "Enterprise 

Intellectual Property Management Standards" (GB29490-2013), and the intellectual property rights related management activities involved in R&D and design of products, 

purchasing, production and sales have become more and more standardized, systematic and scientific.