EMP started in 2014 and is a comprehensive solution provider that integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales services, and technical consulting for technology-based sterile, dust-free, and anti-static products. Our business scope covers multiple countries and regions nationwide and overseas, providing a full range of products and technical services to over 300 top manufacturing clients worldwide. Since its establishment, it has achieved a compound annual sales growth of over 35%. The company has comprehensive aseptic/purification/anti-static products and protection industry technology. The main members of the company's management/technical team have over 20 years of industry experience and accumulation. They have leading technical application capabilities and high-quality overall product line equipment systems in the fields of clean public engineering, product protection engineering, human protection engineering, environmental protection engineering, anti-static protection engineering, laboratory technology and facilities, biosafety technology and facilities, cleaning, sterilization, and clean room operation management.

Research and development/manufacturing/sales services/technical consulting
Nearly 200 independent inventions and utility patents
Nearly 7000m ² High level clean production workshop
With over 20 years of industry experience and accumulation

EMP has nearly 200 independent invention and utility patents, as well as 3 national high-tech products. Our company attaches great importance to the rights and development of our own intellectual property rights, and has established industry university research relationships with multiple universities. We have made breakthrough progress in market access and qualification certification. Over the years, the company has required professional certifications such as IS09001:2015, IS014001:2015, IS018001:2007, GB/T29490-2013, GB8410-2006, CCC, GMP13485-2016, NEBB, FDA, CE registration, etc. for sustainable development.

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